Ready. Set. Send Funds.

With Moov you can send payouts to your independent contractors, gig economy workers, insurance claim recipients, and more. We make it easy to add payment recipients and to fund your account.

Contact sales

How it works.

Add funds

Connect your bank account to Moov to make payouts.

Onboard users

Collect the information needed for payouts. PII data goes straight to Moov instead of your servers.

Pay users

Whether you're using the Moov API or signing in to the Moov app, you can pay your users when you need to.

File 1099s

Paying independent contractors more than $600 a year? Moov generates and files 1099s with the IRS.

Additional fee

Seamless integration with your app.

Collect information needed to pay users without worrying about data security or compliance.

  • Lightweight JavaScript library that can be embedded anywhere.
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is collected, validated and stored directly by Moov.
  • No opinions about design or user experience, so the process feels like part of your app.

Manage from anywhere.

Control everything about your program and create your own workflows for onboarding new users.

Organizations in Moov make multi-tenancy simple for platforms and SaaS companies.

Use the Moov API or the app to manage users and send payouts.

Developer tools for full visibility into the system.

Start compliant, stay compliant.

Regardless of how you're sending or receiving money, Moov makes it easier to manage the ongoing requirements with our onboarding and verification process.

  • Know-your-customer
  • Sanction screening
  • Compliance program
  • IRS 1099 reporting and filing

Getting Started

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